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To train? Or not to train?

You've decided to provide TypeWell services in your school or organization. Should you recruit and train your own transcriber, or should you contract with an already-trained service provider?

One of the most important points to consider is the number of hours of support services you want to provide in any given week. If you need **more than two hours a week **of services, and a meaning-for-meaning system fits your needs, then recruiting and matriculating your own TypeWell transcriber will give you the best combination of control and cost-effectiveness.

This option—recruiting and training your own service provider—is not as feasible for other types of speech-to-text services such as CART or voice writing, due to their longer training times and inability to screen candidates ahead of time to determine who is likely to succeed with the system.

If you need fewer than two hours a week of services, it may not be cost-effective to train your own transcriber. In that case, you may want to:

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