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Pricing FAQ

Who can purchase and use the TypeWell Transcriber software?

The TypeWell Transcriber software is only licensed for use by graduates of the TypeWell training course. Licenses are sold directly to the transcribers or their employers. The software is not available for public use, because it's part of a complete "system" that includes:

  1. The consumer/reader who utilizes speech-to-text services for real-time communication access;
  2. The human transcriber who has completed the TypeWell training to learn how to effectively provide communication access; and
  3. The software program with features designed for both the consumer and the transcriber.

Should I license the TypeWell software by the month or the year?

The annual license is more cost effective if you use the TypeWell software 9 or more months out of the year.

The steep discount on the annual rate—about 25% less than the monthly rate—is designed to make life simpler for transcribers in the educational setting who typically work on the academic calendar (9-10 months).

What happens when my software license subscription expires?

Your software license is good through the last day of the paid month of your subscription. When your V7 software license subscription is about to expire, you’ll be prompted to renew it through your online account. We'll send you an automated email on the 11th of the month prior to expiration. You can add months to your subscription by paying online. Once that payment is received, you will be able to refresh the license key in your software program to continue using the software.

NOTE: Even if you have an annual license, you will still be prompted periodically to “refresh” your license key as that is part of our copy protection system. That is, your license may be paid for through some future date, but you could still be prompted to refresh your license key every few months. This is an important quality assurance measure designed to protect all TypeWell users.

That feature is also what enables you to transfer your TypeWell license to a different machine—up to two times per year—in case you have a laptop that goes in for repair, or you decide to purchase a new laptop.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! TypeWell offers discounted pricing on select V7 software licenses for qualifying academic institutions and non-profit organizations, including:

  • Public or private schools, technical institutions, vocational schools, junior colleges, and universities
  • Accredited public elementary, secondary and/or vocational schools or school districts
  • Educational administrative offices and boards of education
  • Charitable organizations operating on a not-for-profit basis and with tax-exempt status
  • The educational/non-profit discount should be applied automatically when your account manager purchases or renews software licenses in your TypeWell account online.

If you believe your institution is eligible but you do not see a discounted price in your account, please contact us.

Can we use a Purchase Order?

For fastest processing, we prefer to take payment by credit card or ACH. If your purchasing department or business office requires a Purchase Order, we are happy to send you an invoice! Just contact us.

Please note:

  • The terms of your P.O. should not conflict with our software End-User License Agreement.
  • Training courses and software licenses cannot be issued until payment is received. Please plan accordingly if paying by check.

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