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About the TypeWell Educational History Page

The Educational History page is the official training record of all TypeWell courses and grades completed by an individual. The most recent entries are shown first.

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     I'm a qualified transcriber. How do I send my training history to a potential employer?

EMPLOYERS: Always view a transcriber's official training record on the TypeWell website

The transcriber must sign in to their online account, click on the "History" tab, and complete the section titled "Sending this information to someone." There they will enter a potential employer's email address, so that we can email that individual directly.

The email looks like this:

screenshot of automated email from TypeWell

Click the link in that email to view the official TypeWell Educational History page for that transcriber, on the TypeWell website. That page will show any TypeWell-sanctioned courses and professional development the transcriber has completed, the level of services the transcriber is qualified to provide, and any restrictions on the transcriber's use of TypeWell software to provide communication access or other services.

If the page contains the entry "REFRESHER COURSE RECOMMENDED," then the transcriber may still use the TypeWell software to provide communication access services, but due to an extended hiatus in work experience, it is strongly recommended that the transcriber complete a Refresher Course.

If the page says "REFRESHER COURSE REQUIRED," then the transcriber is no longer qualified to provide communication access or notes in any setting, nor to use TypeWell software for any other purpose, until successful completion of the Refresher Course.

Two options for reinstating a TypeWell transcriber's service qualification

For transcribers who have let their service qualification lapse, we offer two options for reinstating:

  1. Complete the TypeWell Refresher Course, which takes an average of 2 months, OR
  2. "Test out" of the Refresher Course by doing a remote Skill Consultation.

If the Skill Consultation demonstrates that the transcriber's skills do not meet TypeWell's high standards, then the transcriber will need to complete the Refresher Course.

If you have any questions or concerns about a TypeWell transcriber's qualifications, please contact us.

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