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Basic Skills Course - Training Package ($899)


This course teaches the basic skills needed to provide real-time communication access using the TypeWell transcribing software. The format is designed to retain the quality of in-person classes while providing the convenience and low cost of distance learning.

  • There are 29 lessons in the Basic Skills Course.
  • Each lesson takes take 1-3 hours, for a total of 35-60 hours.
  • When candidates work at the recommended pace for optimal learning, the course takes about 2-3 months.
  • At the maximum rate of 4 hours every day, a candidate can potentially complete training within 1 month.

After the course, further real-world experience is crucial. Transcribers are strongly encouraged to gain at least 50 hours of solid experience providing communication access services on-site, before transcribing remote lectures. We recommend at least a year of experience before transcribing math or science content.

Free, online application

Each candidate for the Basic Skills Course must complete our application process, which includes detailed information about the job of a transcriber, what equipment is necessary, and offers an overview of the course syllabus and training schedule.

Interactive computer program

Our unparalleled software uses an adaptive teaching assistant to provide instant feedback and customizes practice activities to the individual student's strengths and weaknesses. The training software is installed on the student's laptop computer.

Online course account

The student accesses an online course account after each lesson, which explains everything step by step as the student moves through the course. There is a flexible but firm automatic schedule system which alerts the student and supervisor as needed, to keep the student's learning progress on track. Update reports are sent to the student's supervisor throughout the course.

Live teacher

Throughout TypeWell training, you are not alone. Our team of expert TypeWell teachers provides support, encouragement, and regular focused feedback via email and phone. Each candidate comes to us with particular skills and strengths. It is our job to ensure that you get the right tools to succeed.

Automated teaching systems only go so far—they cannot check deeply for accurate understanding the way a live teacher can. Our live teachers are there to read your transcripts, answer your questions, and listen to your suggestions. We believe that is the best way to achieve consistent, quality training.

First-semester support

As of May 1, 2020, the Basic Skills Course fee also includes two (2) mandatory, first-semester Skill Consultations conducted by a TypeWell teacher and one (1) seat in the Turbo 1 Courselet. This updated training model will ensure that first-semester transcribers receive a minimum level of mentoring and have an opportunity to receive feedback once they're providing real-time services.

Payment plans available for "self-pay" candidates

Some employers are able to sponsor candidates in terms of future employment, but they cannot pay the Basic Skills Course fee (i.e., they cannot provide financial sponsorship). For those candidates who must pay their own course fee, we offer a payment plan of 4 payments spread out over the 2-3 month course.

Infographic outlining TypeWell's training process

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