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Transcriber Skill Assessment ($150)

Available for both TypeWell and C-Print providers!

In response to overwhelming requests from employers and experienced transcribers, we now offer a formal Skill Assessment for professional transcribers who have at least one year of experience providing real-time communication access. This assessment enables meaning-for-meaning transcribers to demonstrate their skill improvement over time.

A web-based version of the Skill Assessment can also be administered to non-TypeWell users, such as C-Print providers. This is especially useful for institutions that use multiple speech-to-text software platforms.


Congratulations to the following transcribers for demonstrating excellent performance on the Skill Assessment!

English 200 Skill Assessment: Highest Rate of Content Captured

  1. Andrew Hansen - TypeWell Transcriber (New York, NY)
  2. Benjamin Merrill - TypeWell Transcriber (Kuna, ID)
  3. Katelin Lundquist - TypeWell Transcriber (Springdale, AR)
  4. Nathan Larsen - TypeWell Transcriber (Benton, PA)
  5. Amy Hazel - TypeWell Transcriber (Everton, AR)
  6. Sarah Franklin - C-Print Captionist (Rochester, NY)
  7. Lindsay Larsen - TypeWell Transcriber (Smithfield, UT)
  8. Randi Hecht - TypeWell Transcriber (Reno, NV)

How It Works

The first Skill Assessment released in early 2017 is based on a 200-level college English lecture. There will be more assessments added each year, using lectures of varying difficulty.

A team of trained evaluators scores each individual's transcript and returns [qualitative rankings] for the following areas:

  • rate of content captured
  • quality of message content
  • English grammar usage
  • formatting for readability
  • technical proficiency using the TypeWell abbreviation software (if applicable)

You will receive a list of three to five areas for improvement. You can also order more [detailed feedback] for a deeper understanding of your performance on the assessment, along with strategies to improve your ability to provide high-quality communication access.

The Skill Assessment costs $150. Discounts are available for members of the Association of Transcribers and Speech-to-text Providers (ATSP). Group discounts are also available for 5+ employees.

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