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Transcriber Skill Assessment ($150)

Designed for experienced transcribers from both TypeWell and C-Print backgrounds!

In response to overwhelming requests from employers and experienced transcribers, we now offer a formal Skill Assessment for professional transcribers who have at least one year of experience providing real-time communication access. This assessment enables meaning-for-meaning transcribers to demonstrate their skill improvement over time.

Additionally, we offer a web-based version of the Skill Assessment accessible to non-TypeWell users, such as C-Print captionists. This inclusive approach ensures institutions using various speech-to-text systems can uniformly assess the skills of their meaning-for-meaning transcribers.


Congratulations to the following transcribers for demonstrating excellent performance on the Skill Assessment!

English 200 Skill Assessment: Highest Rate of Content Captured

  1. Andrew Hansen - TypeWell Transcriber (New York, NY)
  2. Benjamin Merrill - TypeWell Transcriber (Kuna, ID)
  3. Katelin Lundquist - TypeWell Transcriber (Springdale, AR)
  4. Nathan Larsen - TypeWell Transcriber (Benton, PA)
  5. Amy Hazel - TypeWell Transcriber (Everton, AR)
  6. Sarah Franklin - C-Print Captionist (Rochester, NY)
  7. Lindsay Larsen - TypeWell Transcriber (Smithfield, UT)
  8. Randi Hecht Castro - TypeWell Transcriber (Reno, NV)

(All individuals listed have consented to have their names and achievements published.)

How It Works

The first Skill Assessment released in early 2017 is based on a 200-level college English lecture.

A team of trained evaluators scores each individual's transcript and returns qualitative rankings for the following areas:

  • rate of content captured
  • quality of message content
  • English grammar usage
  • formatting for readability
  • technical proficiency using the TypeWell abbreviation software (if applicable)

You will receive a list of three to five areas for improvement. The Skill Assessment date, along with the qualitative rankings and areas for improvement, will be recorded on your TypeWell Educational History page.

TypeWell also offers an option for supplementary feedback on the Skill Assessment, which provides more detailed insights into your performance. For $20, you can receive a simple list of identified transcript deficiencies, delivered as a one-page PDF within 5 business days. For a more comprehensive analysis, a $50 option includes a prioritized and elaborated list of deficiencies, along with strategic improvement recommendations, delivered in a 3-5 page PDF within 10 business days. This detailed feedback is invaluable for understanding specific areas needing improvement and for enhancing your communication access skills.

The Skill Assessment costs $150. Discounts are available for members of the Association of Transcribers and Speech-to-text Providers (ATSP). Group discounts are also available for 5+ employees.

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