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Questions to ask when contracting with an outside TypeWell provider (freelance or agency, on-site or remote)

Before you contract with an individual or agency that provides remote TypeWell services, here are some important questions to ask:

  • Can you provide references?


  • Do you provide the equipment for remote consumers? (e.g., laptops or other reader devices, software, and microphones)
  • Do you use TypeWell Web Linking or some other method of streaming the text to the consumer in real time?
  • Do you provide demos and/or training for service coordinators and/or deaf consumers who use your remote services?


  • Is there a minimum charge, such as a 2-hour minimum for a 1-hour class?
  • For what length assignments will you team transcribers? (e.g. for difficult assignments or for classes/meetings longer than XX minutes)
  • What are the costs of a team for long classes/difficult classes?
  • Is there a surcharge for classes over a certain length?
  • Are costs higher for math/science or highly technical classes?
  • What is the cancellation policy, both for individual classes and for dropping service completely on a mid-term drop-out? (No charge with 24 hour notice is reasonable.)

Transcriber — The particular transcriber's skill level is a key factor in the quality of the service.

  • How experienced is the transcriber who will provide remote services?
  • Do I have a choice of transcribers?
  • Is the transcriber reasonably familiar with specialized class vocabulary?
  • Will you guarantee experienced transcribers for math/science or highly technical classes?
  • Do your remote transcribers have at least one semester of in-classroom experience?
  • Are two transcribers (i.e., a team) provided for long or difficult classes?

Quality Assurance

  • How will you ensure that the transcriber can hear the classroom optimally, including other students' comments?
  • Do your remote transcribers use the most current version of the TypeWell software?
  • How will you provide remote technical support if something goes wrong?

Prep time and Transcript distribution

  • What is the protocol for editing and delivering transcripts?
  • What prep materials do I need to provide for your transcribers, such as the class syllabus, handouts, or access to special web pages?

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