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What's the difference between a license subscription and a license key?

TypeWell’s software is licensed to users on a subscription (i.e., pay-as-you-go) basis, by the month or by the year. A license subscription may be purchased by an individual, a school, or a business or other organization. When a user pays for a license subscription, TypeWell grants the user a copy of the software under the end-user license agreement (EULA) for the duration of the subscription, which may be one or more months or years. One license promotes the user to install and activate one copy of the software, on one machine at a time.

A license key is a unique code that's used to activate the software on a particular machine. This alphanumeric code is generated by the TypeWell server and then entered by the user into a license activation window, which displays on the screen during software installation. The license key is matched to the installation number on the user’s machine, to ensure that the key is not being used for multiple installations. Once a license key is validated, the TypeWell software program on that particular machine is activated.

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