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How do I refresh the license key for my TypeWell software?

If you already have the software installed and you're simply refreshing the license key, please try the Quick Refresh page:

screenshot of quick license key refresh page

If this is a new installation or if the Quick Refresh page asks you to sign in, then you will need to be signed into the account where that license is managed:

If you need assistance:

Some Common Issues

Are you refreshing your license key on the last day of the month?

If so, your TypeWell software may display an error message when you input the license key, asking you to make sure the system date is correct. This can occur if your time zone differs from that of our license server. If this happens, please try refreshing your license the next day (i.e. the first day of the month instead of the end of the last day of the month).

Did your license key expire prematurely?

If your computer does not shut down properly, "crashes", or the battery runs out, the license key stored by your TypeWell software can be invalidated. In this case, you will need to refresh your license key even if it is in advance of the scheduled refresh date.

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