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Renewing or Extending a License Subscription (i.e., "adding months" to a license)

Sign in to access your online account, then click Software Licenses to view a list of your existing licenses.

online account tabs with

To extend the subscription (add months) for one or more licenses, click the Add or Upgrade Licenses button.

Screenshot of

Use the drop-down menus to select the desired length of time for each license. Note that once you select "Add months at...", there is a secondary drop-down menu to specify the number of months you wish to purchase.

Screenshot of drop-down menu showing various types and lengths of licenses. Highlighted option reads,

If you see an error message or a "contact us" pop-up box, that means that we need additional information before you can add or upgrade a license. Just let us know what you are trying to add/upgrade and we will assist you promptly!

Click Purchase to complete the transaction using using Google Pay, bank account, or credit card.

Screenshot of license renewal screen. Text reads,

A confirmation email will be sent to the account manager and the purchaser with the subject line, "TypeWell Software Order Confirmation."

If you need a quote or invoice in advance, please contact us.

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