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Finding your Installation Number

The installation number identifies a copy of TypeWell installed on your computer. It is different than the license key, which is a password that activates the TypeWell software. You provide the installation number shown on your laptop (during installation), and then our license server provides you with a license key to activate the software.

The TypeWell installation number will be displayed automatically by the TypeWell program when your old license key needs to be refreshed. The license key message box shown by your TypeWell program tells how many days the program will continue to work with the existing license key, and it has a space for you to type in your new license key.

Sample installation number: 66KP-3WK8-QY7K-8Q87-867T

This license activation window should display automatically a couple of weeks before your license key needs to be refreshed. There's usually no need to view the activation window at other times, but you can bring it up using the appropriate menu entry: File > Update License Key.

Each time the TypeWell program is installed, it displays a different installation number (even on the same computer moments later). The best way to make sure you're using the right installation number is to leave the license activation window open in your TypeWell program while you get the license key.

When you enter the installation number into the license management webpage, it doesn't matter whether you use upper or lowercase letters. But, it is important that you include all the dashes in the right places and that you don't type any spaces as part of the installation number.

When you enter the installation number into the license management webpage, the webpage will return a valid license key (or, in the case of an unpaid subscription or a problem with your license, the webpage will return a message with further information and instructions).

NOTE: If you are refreshing your license on the last day of the month, the TypeWell software may display an error message when you input the license key, asking you to make sure the system date is correct. This can occur if your time zone differs from that of our license server. If this happens, please try refreshing your license the next day (i.e. the first day of the month instead of the end of the last day of the month).

If your computer does not shut down properly, "crashes", or the battery runs out, the license key stored by your TypeWell software can be invalidated. In this case, you will need to refresh your license key even if it is in advance of the scheduled refresh date.

Please see How do I refresh the license key for my TypeWell software?

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