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Overview of License Keys

License Keys

When you install TypeWell software, you will be prompted for a license key. License keys are used to track when and where the software license is activated, to ensure the license is only used on one computer at a time.

You can get a license key signing into your account and clicking the "Use License" button next to the license you're attempting to install/activate. Once you activate the software on a computer, that installation is then "assigned" to that software license in your account.

A software license should not be activated on multiple computers. You are permitted to transfer each license from one computer to another up to twice a year. This transfer feature allows you to temporarily move a license to a new computer when the main computer is undergoing repair. So, you need to plan carefully and decide on which computer you really want a specific license (such as a Transcriber or Reader license) before you activate the license.

If you manage multiple software licenses:  For each software license in your account, you can add a computer/transcriber description. We recommend using the tag number for the computer on which the license is installed, as well as the name of the primary transcriber who will be using it.

Refreshing License Keys

The license key that activates a copy of TypeWell must be refreshed at our website from time to time. The software will display a message like this:

license key activation window

There's no charge to refresh the license key as long as that license has a paid subscription and is in good standing; this is merely a copy protection feature.

The TypeWell software will inform the user every 3-7 months when it's time to refresh the license key. The refresh period is automatically specified by the license server and cannot be reset. The refresh period is relatively short after the first installation but steadily increases to its normal 6-7 month length.

Note that a license key may need to be refreshed even if the subscription is paid through a future date. For example, while you may have purchased a license subscription through the end of next year, you'll still be prompted to refresh the license key before then, usually every 3-7months.

The best person to handle refreshing a license key is usually the program user (e.g., the transcriber). Refreshing the license key is easy and usually does not require passwords nor administrator access, so there's no need to involve others. All that's required is access to the TypeWell computer and to the Internet. The computer running the TypeWell software does not need to have Internet access as long as there's a different Internet-connected device available.

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