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Transferring a license from one computer to another

You may find that you need to transfer your TypeWell software onto a different computer than the original computer. For instance, this may be necessary when the original computer breaks and must be repaired.

To transfer the TypeWell license from an old laptop to a new one, follow the instructions below. In step 2, be sure to choose the license that is currently installed on the old laptop.

When you have the software working on the new computer, then you can uninstall TypeWell from the old computer (by going to the Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs). If you are sending the old computer for service and will want to switch the license back in a few weeks, then you can skip the uninstall step to save time.

Remember, your TypeWell license permits only two license transfers per license per year.

Installing TypeWell onto a New Computer

The following steps apply to non-training software programs, such as TypeWell Transcriber, Everywhere, and Connect. If you're trying to install course software for the Basic Skills Course, Turbo Courselet, etc., this is done through the trainee's user account (or, you can contact us directly for assistance with training programs).

1)  Sign in to access your online account. If you don't remember your password, use the "forgot password?" link to have a password reminder emailed to your official email address.

2)  Once you are signed in, click the Software licenses link at the top of the page. There, you'll see a list of the licenses you've purchased.

online account with software licenses highlighted

3)  Click the Use License button for the license you wish to use. It must be a license that matches the program you want to install (e.g. Transcriber, Reader, Everywhere). If you are transferring a license from an old computer to a new one, be sure to select the exact license that is currently installed on the old computer, so that you can transfer it to the new computer in the following steps.

use license button

4)  You'll see the Manage License page for the specific license you chose in the previous step. This page provides you with a link to download the appropriate version of the TypeWell software to go with that particular license. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the software.

manage license page

5)  During the software installation, an installation number will be displayed. Enter the installation number into the space provided on the Manage License page, and then click Get License Key as indicated. This installation number may be different every time TypeWell software is installed, even on the same computer. So, it's best to have the target laptop sitting right next to you while you're accessing the web site so you can get the exact value currently being displayed on the target laptop.

paste installation number

6)  The web site will now display a license key. This license key will work only with that particular installation of TypeWell software, on that particular target computer. Enter the new license key from the web page into the license activation window in the TypeWell program. Now TypeWell will finish installing. Note there's no need to write down and save the license key; it'll be different next time, and it's not reusable.

new license key

The TypeWell program you just installed should now be open on the computer. See the Overview of license keys for details about refreshing the license key (at no charge) when needed.

Re-installing TypeWell on a Repaired Computer

If you uninstalled TypeWell before sending the computer for repair, or if the repair erased the copy of TypeWell, just do a new install by following the directions given above for Installing TypeWell onto a New Computer.

If you still have a copy of TypeWell on the repaired computer, you don't need to re-install it. You just need to transfer the license back to it.

To transfer the license back, open TypeWell on the repaired computer and click File > Update license key. Note that the installation number of the computer may have changed.

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