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Known issues with TypeWell on Windows 10

Updated 9-9-2019

Microsoft Edge browser displays error message in Web Linking

Microsoft Edge may be the default Internet browser on your Windows 10 computer, tablet, or smartphone. Due to programming bugs in this new browser, we do not recommend using the Edge browser for readers/clients to view TypeWell's Web Linking (Web Reader) pages.

Our users report that the Edge browser will load the Web Linking page initially, but then the browser attempts to refresh the page every 40 seconds or so, and then eventually displays an error message.

Until further notice, please have your clients use a browser like Google Chrome when viewing Web Reader pages on a Windows 10 computer or tablet.

You should also still be able to find and use the Internet Explorer browser on your Windows 10 computer. It can be accessed by going into the Start Menu > All Apps > Windows Accessories > Internet Explorer.

NOTE:  As of this writing, [Firefox is still problematic and NOT recommended for viewing Web Linking pages].

Peer-to-peer (ad hoc) linking may be disabled after a Windows update, due to Windows deprecating IBSS

Ad hoc linking (i.e. IBSS, which is used for TypeWell's peer-to-peer linking) was deprecated starting with Windows 8.1.  So, even if a Windows 8 or Windows 10 previously supported peer-to-peer linking, it may cease to work after Windows Update installs a newer network card driver.

To determine whether ad hoc linking is supported on your Windows 10 computer, open a Command Prompt and enter the following command:

netsh wlan show wirelesscapabilities

Look for the IBSS entry. If it shows Not Supported, you might be able to restore this feature by rolling back to an older driver for your wireless device. For example, see this solution on the Intel Community forum, where reverting to an older driver changes the IBSS from Not Supported to Supported.

Even if IBSS is supported on your Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer, you must have administrative privileges your computer in order to create an ad hoc (peer-to-peer) network.

We recommend using Local Linking instead, as it has the added benefit of allowing simultaneous Internet access while the TypeWell computers are linked.

Text highlighting is difficult to see on Transcriber's computer if they have "reverse colors" enabled

"Reverse colors" in the TypeWell software displays yellow text on a black background (similar to what other programs call "dark mode"). When in this mode, selected text is highlighted in a dark blue color, which does not have sufficient contrast from the black background to be easily visible.

We're not able to change the system-wide setting on your computer that affects how selected text appears on a program-by-program basis, so this would have to be adjusted at the OS level. It might be possible to change the appearance of selected text by adjusting your Windows theme.

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