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Local Linking

Local Linking is a TypeWell feature that allows you to transmit a real-time transcript between two or more computers that are in proximity to one another, using whatever local network is available. "Local" simply means that both computers must be connected to the same local network or SSID.

Examples of local networks include:

  • the campus network that you connect to for WiFi internet
  • a "virtual" hosted network that you create on your computer
  • some Bluetooth networks
  • wired LAN connections

To use Local linking, at least one computer must have the TypeWell Transcriber software installed, and the other computer(s) must have the TypeWell Reader software installed. Get the computers connected to the same local network or SSID. (A WiFi network name is also known as the SSID.)

Once the computers are connected to the same network, go to the Link menu in TypeWell and choose "By Local network/WiFi..." Follow the directions in the dialog to make up a "subnet" name. Remember to check the "Enabled" box next to that subnet name, to turn ON Local linking.

For each of the other computers to be linked, follow the same two steps above, entering the same subnet name in the dialog box. TypeWell will link all computers on the local network that share the same subnet name.

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