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Skill Consultation

Forge a Path to Excellence and Reaffirm Your Skills

Looking to strengthen specific skill areas or unsure if you are leveraging the full potential of TypeWell's features? Our Skill Consultation package is designed to nurture your professional growth and facilitate continuous improvement.

Our comprehensive 5-step package guides you through a collaborative process with expert teachers, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and work towards attainable goals:

  1. Focus Survey (15 minutes) — Initiate your journey with a session to clarify your goals and areas for development.
  2. Intro Call (30 minutes) — A conversation with a TypeWell teacher to fine-tune your goals and understand the dynamics of remote observation.
  3. Remote Observation (20-30 minutes) — An expert teacher will observe your transcribing assignment in real-time, ensuring confidentiality and focused attention to your work technique.
  4. Summary Report — Receive a written report with crucial feedback and insights for you to reference in your skill development pathway.
  5. Skill Consultation (60 minutes) — A dedicated session with a teacher to provide feedback and suggest actionable strategies for honing your skills.

Important Note: This $150 package can also serve as a Refresher Screening for transcribers who completed the Basic Skills Course after 2007 and who have been inactive for 5 years or less, providing a pathway to reaffirm their skills without necessarily undertaking the full Refresher Course.


  • $150 for one package as detailed above, potentially fulfilling your Refresher Screening needs.
  • $250 for 2 observations, 2 reports, and 2 consultations.
  • $325 for 3 observations, 3 reports, and 3 consultations.

Embark on a journey towards mastery and confidence. Email us to schedule your Intro Call, generally starting within 1-2 weeks.

Feb 5, 2024

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