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Skill Assessment Supplementary Feedback ($20-50)

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Transcribers or employers can order supplementary feedback that provides detail above and beyond the standard Skill Assessment results that are posted on the transcriber's Educational History page.

The results posted on a transcriber's Educational History page might look like this:

Skill Assessment example report

Supplementary feedback provides greater insight regarding what types of errors brought down a score in a particular area, and what the transcriber can work on to provide even better communication access.

Two options for supplementary feedback

  1. List of transcript deficiencies ($20) —  A simple list of each type of error or issue identified in the transcript. The deficiencies are not listed in order of frequency or severity, nor are they prioritized. A one-page PDF document will be delivered by email within 5 business days. Example of Simple Feedback
  2. Detailed feedback report ($50) — In addition to the comprehensive list of transcript deficiencies, these issues/errors will be prioritized in terms of frequency and/or severity, with elaboration where possible, and with a prioritized list of strategies for improvement. A 3-5 page PDF document will be delivered by email within 10 business days. Example of Detailed Feedback

If you have already ordered and received Option 1, you can pay the difference of $30 and upgrade your report to Option 2.

To order supplementary feedback

Sign into your TypeWell account and go to the Services tab. Select the desired option and click the "Purchase" button to pay by PayPal or credit/debit card.

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