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Refresher Course ($600)

This course is for TypeWell transcribers who have passed the basic course, but have not been transcribing regularly over the last two years. Individuals whose skills have lapsed must take and graduate from the refresher course before providing TypeWell services again.*

The refresher course covers the same material as the regular transcribing course, although at a reduced price.

The online course system allows transcribers to proceed quickly through areas where their skills have not deteriorated. However, it's safest to plan on the course taking a full 1-3 months, as many refreshers find they want or need to spend extra time to restore their skills.

To enroll, a previously trained transcriber should contact us by email.  We'll verify in our records that the transcriber has previously passed our Basic Skills Course, and will then provide application and payment instructions to complete enrollment in the Refresher Course.

Support during your first semester back on the job

As of May 2020, the Refresher Course fee also includes an optional Skill Consultation conducted by a TypeWell teacher, and access to the Turbo 1 Courselet (either for the first time or as review). This updated training model will ensure that first-semester transcribers—and those in their first semester back after an extended break—receive a minimum level of mentoring and have an opportunity to receive feedback once they're providing real-time services.

* If an individual's hiatus from transcribing is 5 years or less, they may sign up for a remote Skill Consultation as a screening test to determine whether their service qualification can be reinstated or if the full refresher course is needed. Due to improved training and higher standards implemented over time, this screening option is NOT available to individuals whose hiatus or lapsed service qualification is longer than 5 years.

May 4, 2023

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