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Refresher Course ($699)

Are you a TypeWell transcriber looking to reinstate your services after a break? We offer a comprehensive refresher course designed to help you regain and polish your skills to meet our high standards of service delivery. However, if you have been on a hiatus for 5 years or less, you might be eligible for a faster and less costly option to reinstate your service qualification — the Refresher Screening.

Please note, the Refresher Course is NOT available to transcribers who trained prior to 2007, because significant updates have since been made to the Basic Skills Course.

Course Details

The refresher course covers all the material from the regular transcribing course, albeit at a reduced price. This online system allows you to move quickly through areas where your skills remain strong, giving you the flexibility to focus on restoring areas where you feel less confident. Although many find it beneficial to allocate a full 1-3 months for the course, your individual pace may vary.


To enroll, contact us via email. After verifying your previous completion of our Basic Skills Course, we will provide you with the necessary application and payment instructions.

Support during Your First Semester Back

As part of this course fee, we also offer an optional Skill Consultation conducted by a TypeWell teacher and access to the Turbo 1 Courselet, either as a first-time experience or for review. This approach ensures that you receive essential mentoring and feedback as you reintegrate into real-time services, helping you to provide the highest level of service.

Refresher Screening: A Quick Path to Requalification

If your break from transcribing has been 5 years or less, you have the option to undergo a Refresher Screening. This process allows us to assess your current skill level and potentially reinstate your service qualification more promptly. Successful completion of this screening could mean you avoid the need for the full refresher course, saving time and money. Moreover, should you opt to take the refresher course after the screening, the screening fee will be deducted from your course fee.

Learn more about the Refresher Screening process and how to initiate it.

For any concerns or inquiries regarding your qualifications or the courses we offer, feel free to contact us.

Feb 5, 2024

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