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How do I know if a transcriber is qualified?

Only qualified TypeWell transcribers are permitted to use the TypeWell software. This is because we care about providing high-quality services for all individuals who receive TypeWell communication access services. Read more about our Quality Assurance Measures.

But how do you know whether an individual has this "qualification"? Furthermore, even if the transcriber has successfully completed the TypeWell Basic Skills Course, how do you assess whether they are qualified for a particular class or assignment?

As an employer or service coordinator, these are important questions to ask!

Ask for documentation that demonstrates both training and experience

Before interviewing, hiring, or signing a contract, please ask every prospective TypeWell transcriber to send you:

  1. an official link to view their TypeWell Educational History page on our website, which will verify that their service qualification is current;
  2. a résumé, to show that they've been consistently using their skills within the past couple of years; and
  3. a list of references for you to contact.

TypeWell stands behind the Basic Skills Course service qualification for 2 years, provided the transcriber consistently uses their skills and software during that time. A résumé and references will demonstrate whether the transcriber has continued to develop their skills after completing the training, by gaining real-world experience. It's very important to consider both the initial service qualification and the transcriber's work history, together.

View the transcriber's official training record on the TypeWell website

The transcriber must sign in to their online account, click on the "History" tab, and complete the section titled "Sending this information to someone." There they will enter your email address so that we can email you directly.

You should receive an email that looks like this:

Click the link in that email to view the official TypeWell Educational History for that transcriber on the TypeWell website. That Web page will show any TypeWell-sanctioned courses and professional development the transcriber has completed, the level of services the transcriber is qualified to provide, and any restrictions on the transcriber's use of TypeWell software to provide communication access or other services.

If that Educational History page says, "REFRESHER COURSE REQUIRED," then the transcriber is no longer qualified to provide communication access or notes in any setting, nor to use TypeWell software for any other purpose, until successful completion of the Refresher Course.

If that Educational History page says, "REFRESHER COURSE RECOMMENDED," then we ask that you contact us for more information about the transcriber's experience and/or service qualification.

If you have any questions or concerns about a TypeWell transcriber's qualifications, please contact us!

Evaluate whether the transcriber is qualified for an assignment

New transcribers (i.e. those with less than a year of in-class experience) may not yet have the skills necessary to provide quality communication access in fast-paced or highly technical classes, including math or science classes. All TypeWell transcribers, regardless of experience, have an ethical responsibility to decline assignments for which they are not qualified.

The TypeWell Learning Center has a number of free transcriber evaluation tools and resources to help supervisors evaluate a transcriber's skills.

TypeWell also offers one-on-one Skill Consultations and formal Skill Assessments for a fee. These are designed to help transcribers improve their skills, but can also be used as a diagnostic process or part of an overall evaluation for promotion or leveling.

Jul 10, 2024

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