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I'm a qualified transcriber. How do I send my training record to a potential employer?

To send your TypeWell training record (aka course history or Educational History page) to a potential employer, please sign in to your TypeWell account and go to the History tab.

History tab

There, you will see your training record.

Educational History page

Do not print this page to send to your potential employer.

Instead, please scroll down to the section titled "Sending this information to someone" and enter the email address of the person you wish to send to.

How to send access to your Educational History page

An automated email message will be sent to that email address containing a unique URL to view the most up-to-date version of your Educational History page, directly on the TypeWell website. This is how a potential employer will know that your transcript is accurate and valid.

Please also review this information that we send to potential employers:
How do I know if a transcriber is qualified?

That article provides guidance for employers who may be new to using TypeWell services, to help them assess a transcriber's skills and qualification. You should be prepared and willing to do an on-site or remote demo of your real-time transcribing skills before hiring.

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