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Course Reports for the TypeWell Basic Skills Course and Refresher Course

Reports during the course

An important part of the candidate's learning in the TypeWell Basic Skills Course or Refresher Course is support from our live teachers and from the candidate's sponsor. Our teachers communicate regularly with the candidate, providing feedback about skill development, encouragement, and guidance.

The TypeWell teachers also send regular updates about the candidate's progress to the course sponsor. That way the sponsor knows what is happening in the transcribing course and can support the candidate's efforts and reinforce the teachers' input. Having an interested supervisor or employer who knows what and how the candidate is doing supports good learning.

The course sponsor may or may not be the same as the service coordinator. We strongly recommend that every organization or institution with a TypeWell service program have a service coordinator to oversee the smooth running of that program. Sometimes the service coordinator and the course sponsor are the same person. If they are not, the sponsor should consider forwarding to the service coordinator the reports during the course.

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Comprehensive Skill Check and Final Report

Near the end of the Basic Skills and Refresher courses, a Comprehensive Skill Check is done. This is a thorough evaluation of the candidate's skills in all the areas covered in the course.

While the TypeWell teachers analyze the candidate's Comprehensive Skill Check, the candidate goes on to complete the last two lessons of the transcribing course. Our teaching team computes the course grade and writes a detailed report, including recommendations for continued skill growth. The Final Report also includes recommendations for the level of services the new transcriber would be able to provide.

The final course grade and report are added to the new transcriber's password-protected Educational History page for future use.

Service recommendations

If a transcriber receives a passing grade in the Basic Skills or Refresher courses, they may provide communication access services using the TypeWell software. Those who fail the course may not license or use the TypeWell software for any purpose, in any setting. (See Quality Assurance Measures for more information.)

Based on a transcriber's course performance, they may pass the course "with restrictions." Such restrictions could include the requirement that the transcriber be assigned initially only to transcribe slow-speaking instructors or to work only with an experienced transcriber while continuing to develop certain basic skills.

Upon passing the course, TypeWell transcriber software can be purchased for the new transcriber's use.

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