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How do I upgrade my TypeWell software?

Sign in to your TypeWell account, then click Software Licenses to view a list of your existing licenses.

Screenshot of main menu in TypeWell's Online Account.

Any existing V7 license is already a subscription-type license.  So, to convert it to a V8 license, click the Free V8 Update button:

Screenshot of expired TypeWell Everywhere License, Version 7.

You will see a pop-up notification confirming that the license subscription will be converted to V8, and that you still need to download and install the V8 software.

Screenshot of pop-up notification. The text reads:

When you click OK, please note that this does NOT automagically update the software that is installed on your computer!

You still need to click Add Months to extend the license (if applicable).  And you also need to click Use License and follow the on-screen instructions to download, install, and activate the V8 software on your computer.

Screenshot of updated TypeWell Everywhere Mini license, now Version 8.

Only once you have clicked Use License and actually installed the V8 software will you be able to use V8.

Upgrading from V6 or earlier versions

The process of upgrading from a perpetual license (Version 6 or earlier) is slightly different.

Click the Add or Upgrade Licenses button.

add or upgrade perpetual licenses

Use the drop-down menus to select the desired upgrade for each license. Note that for subscription licenses, there will be a secondary drop-down menu to specify the length of time you wish to purchase.

Screenshot of drop-down menu for selecting the type and duration of TypeWell license desired.

Any residual value from your existing license ("trade-in value") will be applied to the upgrade in the form of free months.

If you see an error message or a "contact us" pop-up box, that means that we need additional information before you can add or upgrade a license. Just let us know what you are trying to add/upgrade and we will assist you promptly!

Click Purchase to complete the transaction using PayPal account or a major credit card.

Screenshot of the

A confirmation email will be sent to the account manager and the purchaser beginning with the subject "TypeWell Software Order Confirmation."

If you need a quote or invoice in advance, please contact us.

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