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Turbo Courselet ($99)

Existing transcribers can earn continuing education credit by developing mastery of advanced abbreviation patterns. Turbo mode is a special setting in the TypeWell Transcriber program (version 6 and higher), designed to help TypeWell transcribers significantly reduce their keystrokes and thereby increase the amount of information they can capture.

This hands-on, self-paced courselet is available only to TypeWell transcribers who have at least six months of experience providing real-time TypeWell service. The courselet uses the same sophisticated interactive teaching programming as our Basic Skills and Refresher Courses.

The courselet takes between 4 and 6 hours to complete, and we recommend that time is spread out over several weeks. After completing each of the 5 lessons, the transcriber should apply the new skills during actual real-time transcribing assignments, for at least an hour or two. That's the best way to stabilize the new skills learned in each lesson.

Transcribers can enroll in the Turbo courselet through their online TypeWell account, then pay the registration fee by credit card or provide the email address of a sponsor who will pay.

The courselet must be completed within 30 days of activation and is not transferable.

Successful completion of the Turbo courselet is automatically recorded on the transcriber's TypeWell Educational History page. At the bottom of that page, the transcriber may request us to email official proof of their Turbo continuing education credit to an employer or potential employer.

See: How to enroll in a Courselet

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