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Web Linking (Premium feature)

Web Linking works over the Internet, allowing the real-time TypeWell transcript to be viewed on almost any type of reader device, including smartphones, iPads, and other Web-enabled devices.

A student uses an iPad to view a transcript in a classroom
With Web Linking or Internal Linking, no special software is needed for the reader's device.

All the reader needs is a standard Web browser and a reliable Internet connection. The transcriber's typing is sent to one of the Web Linking servers and can then be viewed in the reader's Web browser. With two dedicated servers in the US and one in Canada, Web Linking is faster and more reliable than ever.

A map with location pins on the East coast and West coast.
Two dedicated servers enable transcribers to immediately switch channels and avoid interruption in service.

The reader's browser page loads and refreshes quickly and has a clean look with accessible font choices. Click here to view a demo Web Linking channel on your computer or mobile device.

Web Linking is a free service for those with a Premium Transcriber or Connect subscription.

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