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Grace Days

7 Grace Days for the Basic Skills Course

If a candidate has to turn in a Basic Skills Course lesson late, they will draw upon their grace period days. These grace days allow for a few delays on scheduled due dates before one's enrollment in the course is canceled. They can be used to work around a four-day weekend, or even a single week-long vacation or emergency in the middle of the course period.

How it works

We automatically tell the candidate the recommended and final due dates for each lesson when the previous lesson is submitted.

Failure to turn in a lesson by 1 p.m. Pacific Time (4 p.m. Eastern Time) on the final due date will result in the loss of one grace period day. The system will automatically deduct the grace day and send a notification email to both the candidate and course sponsor when a grace day is used.

The candidate starts the Basic Skills Course course with 7 grace period days. The candidate doesn't have to tell us ahead of time that they will be using a grace period day, but one will be automatically used up each day the candidate is late on a lesson. For example, if the lesson has a final due date of Wednesday and is turned in on Thursday, a grace period day is used up. If not turned in until Friday, two grace period days are used up.

When there are no grace period days left, the transcribing course will automatically be canceled.


We don't recommend using up grace period days to take a vacation, because this uses up one's safety margin. If they are used to take a week-long cruise, then one risks cancellation over one fender-bender or minor family emergency that makes one at all late on any other lesson. Since there are 28 other lessons, chances are that one will be unavoidably late on one of them.

If one must use grace period days for a planned vacation, then aim to turn in the other lessons early! That way, if a minor accident or emergency happens, one won't have to do a whole lesson in one long, rushed sitting to get the lesson in before the due date, to avoid cancellation.

Warning Notifications

Each day a candidate is late for a lesson, we'll send a "late notice" email notification to the candidate, the TypeWell teaching team, and the course sponsor. This is so that they can contact the candidate in case the candidate is not checking email to read the late notices.

A candidate who expects to be several days late for a due date should warn the TypeWell teaching team and sponsor ahead of time so that they don't worry when they get warning emails (more on this below).

No Refund

It's important to understand what the candidate risks by taking a week away from the lessons. Such a delay will not only reduce the quality of the learning, but it will put the candidate in jeopardy of being unable to complete the course at all. If the candidate uses up all 7 grace period days, we'll cancel the transcribing course.

Unfortunately, we can't provide refunds for cancellation after the course has begun, except under extenuating circumstances. So, the best thing all around is for the candidate to make the commitment to turn in lessons every 2 to 3 days over the several months of the course, in order to learn to be a great TypeWell transcriber.

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