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Candidate Information Sheet

(As part of the Basic Skills Course enrollment process, candidates are required to provide us a signed version of this Candidate Information Sheet. A customized version will be provided to them upon acceptance into the course. This is a sample copy.)

You will soon be starting your TypeWell transcribing course. Here is some important information for you, from us at Catalina Solutions LLC, the makers of TypeWell.

It is your responsibility to complete the lessons on schedule in the allotted time for the course, as you've read in your Course account on the TypeWell web site. By allowing you to begin the course, we make no guarantees that you will successfully complete the course in the time allotted.

It is your responsibility to work diligently to master the target skills and to apply the instructions and feedback from the course software and our teaching team. If you get a failing grade on the formal skill check at lesson 20, then you fail the course immediately at that point. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the course fee after the course has started, except under extenuating circumstances.

You are responsible for your ergonomic health and safety, during the course and when using TypeWell after graduation. It is your responsibility to monitor the health and comfort of your body both during the course and any time you use TypeWell afterwards and to take steps as necessary to prevent overuse. You must tell us if at any time during the course you are experiencing pain or discomfort.

We strongly recommend that you do not provide notetaking services or do verbatim transcribing work during the time that you are taking this course since doing so will interfere with your ability to learn the processing required for TypeWell transcribing and your effort to master TypeWell processing may interfere with your notetaking or verbatim work. We also strongly recommend that you do not plan to work on the lessons after a full day of work at another job. If you choose to disregard these recommendations, any and all negative outcomes are your responsibility.

During the course, we help you to develop your transcribing skills. We are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information you provide while transcribing during or after the course. We make no guarantee that you will be able to obtain employment using the skills we teach during the course.

Until you have successfully completed our transcribing course, you may not use TypeWell to transcribe or take notes in classes or meetings, with or without another person reading what you type during or after the class, nor may you transcribe video or audiotapes for captioning purposes.

Completing the TypeWell transcribing course does not allow you to teach others to use the TypeWell system. Allowing individuals who have not passed our officially-sanctioned TypeWell transcribing course to use the TypeWell software to provide services is a violation of the TypeWell software license, and will result in legal action.

Before providing remote services, you are strongly advised to provide at least 50 hours of real-time communication access transcription service while physically present at the speaker's location.

Real-time meaning-for-meaning transcribing in a class or meeting requires that you be able to:

  • access and meaningfully process audio information (e.g., lecturer's speech, student comments) while simultaneously typing a condensed version of that audio information; and also while simultaneously monitoring and correcting the text output produced by your typing;
  • access information presented on overheads, boards or other visual media as it is presented simultaneously with audio information (e.g., lecturer's speech, student comments);
  • access information typed to you from a linked reader computer while simultaneously accessing all the other types of information listed above.

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