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No Hotmail or accounts

We do not allow the use of or email addresses by people taking the TypeWell transcribing course.

The Problem

The problem is that and throw away emails for no good reason. That means that sometimes when we send you an email, you would never receive it (not even in your spam folder).

For the TypeWell transcribing course, it's essential that you receive all emails from the training server and from your teachers. Losing emails could cause you to miss assignments, could affect your grade in the course, and worst of all, could make you a less effective transcriber. Plus it would be very frustrating for you.

We've experienced all these problems with hotmail and users. So for the good of everyone involved, we disallow the use of those email addresses.

The Solution

You can use any other email account, as long as it's reliable and one that you regularly check. If you don't currently have another email account you can use, we recommend setting up a free Gmail account at

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