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Basic Skills Course sponsorship policy

Sponsorship Policy (updated May 15, 2020)

Candidates who enroll in the Basic Skills Course may pay their own course fee, provided they have a job lined up. They must identify a current or potential employer, known as a "sponsor."

In the educational setting, TypeWell candidates are usually sponsored by the Disability Support Services department within the school district or university. Candidates may also be sponsored by companies or agencies, which in turn contract with schools, businesses, and organizations to provide communication access for their students, employees, and other clients.

Why do candidates need a sponsor?

Accountability: Throughout the course, both you and your sponsor will receive automated emails about your performance, test scores, and successful completion of milestones. In addition, your TypeWell teacher will email both of you with individualized feedback on your work and specific strategies for improvement.

Employment: Upon successful completion of the course, your sponsor is expected to provide an opportunity for you to use your new skills to provide real-time services for one or more clients. Without gaining experience immediately following the training, your skills will slip, and you will risk losing your TypeWell service qualification.

Support: The best sponsors will also work to provide you with continuing education and/or mentoring following the course. TypeWell will provide two Skill Consultations during your first few months on the job, but we believe all new transcribers need continued mentoring in order to thrive.

Are you looking for a potential sponsor?

Let us know if you are interested in taking the training and are seeking a sponsor. We are happy to search our internal database of educational institutions or agencies in your area that may be recruiting new transcribers.

You can also find potential sponsors by visiting the Organization Directory maintained by our nonprofit professional organization, the Association of Transcribers and Speech-to-text Providers (ATSP).

If you don't have a sponsor yet, you can still complete the application to see if you would qualify for the course.

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions about our Sponsorship Policy!

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