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Basic Skills Course sponsorship policy

Sponsorship Policy

We are excited to announce a recent change in our Sponsorship Policy!

Effective May 1, 2023, candidates who enroll in the Basic Skills Course may pay their own course fee and are no longer required to have a sponsor.

We have made this change to remove barriers to the transcriber training and make it easier for people to enroll in the course. Additionally, we are now offering financial assistance for people based on income to further reduce barriers and increase access to the training.

While candidates may still be sponsored by the Accessibility Department within their school district or university, or by a company or agency, sponsorship is no longer a requirement for enrollment.

Candidates who have a sponsor still have several benefits, including accountability, employment opportunities, and ongoing support. Sponsors will receive automated emails about the candidate's progress and test scores, and are expected to provide opportunities for real-time services for one or more clients upon completion of the course. The best sponsors will also work to provide continued education and mentoring following the course.

For those who are interested in taking the training but do not have a sponsor, we are happy to search our internal database of educational institutions or agencies in their area that may be recruiting new transcribers. Additionally, candidates can find potential sponsors by visiting the Organization Directory maintained by the Association of Transcribers and Speech-to-text Providers (ATSP).

If candidates do not have a sponsor or choose not to have one, they can still complete the application to see if they qualify for the course. Upon successful completion of the training, TypeWell will assist candidates in procuring employment at agencies or educational institutions.

We believe that this change in our Sponsorship Policy will increase access to the TypeWell transcriber training and lead to a more diverse and inclusive community of transcribers. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

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