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What's new in TypeWell Transcriber Version 8

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Here's what's new in V8 Transcriber:
  • The English dictionary has increased from 1/2 million words to over 4 million words!  These include a lot of newly-coined science and technology terms, which real-time transcribers are likely to encounter in the academic setting.
  • With integrated Zoom Linking, transcribers can stream their text seamlessly into a Zoom meeting as subtitles.
  • Option to prioritize more "common" words, for transcribers who don't work in higher-level academic settings or whose abbreviation skills are not fine-tuned.
  • Optional Canadian English or British English settings to accommodate these different spelling conventions.
  • Alternate Spanish and French dictionaries (beta) for foreign language transcribers. These features are only enabled on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us if you're interested!
  • Updated auto-activation feature for software license keys.
  • Export/import Web Linking channels to make it easier to switch computers.
  • Web Linking URLs are displayed and copied to your clipboard with HTTPS instead of HTTP (NOTE: any old Web Linking URLs generated by V6 or V7 can be viewed in a secure browser session by changing "HTTP" to "HTTPS" in the address bar of your browser).
  • When logged in to the program, user can click File > Visit License Account to access their account.
  • User login is now restricted to individual transcriber accounts; not permitted to log in to the software with an organization account.

For official release notes, visit:

To upgrade from V7 Transcriber:
  • Sign in to the TypeWell account where your license is managed (i.e., your personal account if you're a freelancer or the organization account for your school or company).
  • Click on Software Licenses.
  • Find your V7 license in the list and click the "Free V8 Update" button to convert that license to V8.

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  • IMPORTANT:  Converting a license to V8 does NOT automatically update the software that's installed on your computer. Once converted, please click the Use License button and follow the on-screen instructions to download and install V8.  Do not uninstall V7 first or you will risk losing important settings, including your PAL and Web Linking channels. Instead, simply install V8 over V7.
You can also email TypeWell Support and we'll help you with the upgrade to V8!

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