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What's new in TypeWell Transcriber Version 8

Here's what's new in V8 Transcriber:

  • The English dictionary has increased from 1/2 million words to over 4 million words!  These include a lot of newly-coined science and technology terms, which real-time transcribers are likely to encounter in the academic setting.
  • Option to prioritize more "common" words, for transcribers who don't work in higher-level academic settings or whose abbreviation skills are not fine-tuned.
  • Optional Canadian English or British English settings to accommodate these different spelling conventions.
  • Alternate Spanish and French dictionaries (beta) for foreign language transcribers. These features are only enabled on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us if you're interested!
  • Updated auto-activation feature for software license keys.
  • When logged in to the program, user can click File > Visit License Account to access their account.
  • Export/import Web Linking channels.
  • User login is now restricted to individual transcriber accounts; not permitted to log in to the software with an organization account.