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Why does my Transcriber software show a login prompt?

In 2017, we added a prompt where transcribers can enter their TypeWell account credentials to log into the TypeWell Transcriber desktop application.

You'll see this login screen when you start up the application.

A TypeWell User Account window with credentials for Email and Password filled out.

Benefits of logging in:

More efficient technical support:

  • Bugs or issues can be more easily linked to specific software versions and operating systems.

More efficient quality assurance:

  • Employers with multiple software licenses can verify which transcriber is using which license.
  • TypeWell can verify if a transcriber is using the software regularly, without having to track down the transcriber and/or their employer each time there's a question about a service qualification.

Planned new opt-in features (which we can develop if enough people log in):

  • Back up your PAL files to the server, so you can use the same PAL on different computers and so that you don't accidentally lose your PAL in the event of a computer failure.
  • Back up Web Linking channels to the server, so you can restore these settings when you reinstall TypeWell or switch to a new computer.
  • Track your abbreviation usage statistics over time to see how you're improving.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I skip the login?

Currently, yes. Just click the Cancel/Logout button or press the Escape key.

Will I be asked to log in each time I start TypeWell?

Yes. To save time, just check the box to "Save my info" and then in the future, all you have to do is click OK or press Enter.

How much time will this take?

You may need to retrieve your account password the first time, and there's a handy link on the login screen to help with that. Once your credentials are saved, though, it only takes a second to press Enter when you start the application.

Can other transcribers log in to the same computer?

Yes, and other transcribers can also check the "Save my info" checkbox when they log in. If multiple credentials are stored, there's a drop-down to select which user is logging in.

What if we are teaming and both of us are sharing the same laptop?

One of you can log in, or neither.

How do I log out or switch users?

Click File > Login to bring up the login dialog. From there, you can switch users, or you can click the Cancel button to log out.

What information is TypeWell collecting?

Currently, the server just records that a user logged in, period. If enough transcribers utilize the login feature, then we'll be able to add additional features like backing up user-specific PALs or Web Linking channels. Transcribers will be able to choose (opt-in) to use those features. We respect your privacy.

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