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Everywhere FAQ

Beginning with the release of V7 Transcriber, revision number 750, TypeWell Everywhere is now integrated into the TypeWell Transcriber program! Users with a current V7 or V8 Transcriber license need only install that program on their Windows computer, to enjoy all of the features and benefits of both programs.

What is TypeWell Everywhere?

TypeWell Everywhere is a Windows-based software program that lets trained transcribers type using abbreviations (text expansion features) in other programs that are running on the same computer.

Who may use TypeWell Everywhere?

Per the TypeWell End-User License Agreement (EULA), TypeWell Everywhere may be used by individuals who are currently enrolled in, or have graduated from, the Basic Skills Course or Refresher Course.

The software is designed to provide transcribers with opportunities to build their typing speed through constant practice with the basic (Classic) and advanced (Turbo) abbreviations.

Use of TypeWell Everywhere by individuals who are not either 1) trained transcribers, or 2) currently enrolled in a TypeWell-sanctioned training course is a violation of the EULA and is strictly prohibited.

What is the difference between TypeWell Transcriber and TypeWell Everywhere?

TypeWell Transcriber is a software program used by trained transcribers to provide real-time, speech-to-text communication access services.

The Transcriber program includes the following features that Everywhere does not:

  • Math Mode for typing specialized math and science characters and symbols
  • a self-test display to help transcribers optimize their skills
  • several methods for "linking" with a consumer

In contrast, TypeWell Everywhere merely allows the user to type with TypeWell abbreviations in other programs, such as email, websites, word processing programs, and instant messaging applications.

Unlike TypeWell Transcriber, Everywhere lacks the important transcribing features needed for real-time communication access — such as linking and Math Mode — and is therefore not a replacement for TypeWell Transcriber. Under limited circumstances (see below), it may be appropriate for trained transcribers to use Everywhere to provide communication access if they are required to work in a platform that cannot link to the Transcriber program.

Beginning with the release of revision number 750 and subsequent updates, TypeWell Everywhere is integrated into the TypeWell Transcriber program. This means that users who install the Transcriber software on a Windows computer can simply enable the Everywhere features on that same computer, without having to install a separate program.

Learn more: How to use the TypeWell Everywhere features integrated into V8 Transcriber

Now that TypeWell Everywhere is integrated into the Transcriber software, is there still a standalone version of Everywhere?

Yes. Trained transcribers may license a standalone copy of TypeWell Everywhere for personal use. For example, this might be needed if the user frequently types on a second computer that doesn't already have the V7 Transcriber program installed.

For more information, see TypeWell Everywhere Pricing and How to use the standalone version.

Can I use the standalone version of Everywhere for regular transcribing?

In most cases, this is prohibited. TypeWell Everywhere is for transcribers' personal and non-commercial use only. It is not designed for providing communication access services in classes or meetings.

The standalone version of Everywhere doesn't provide important transcribing features like linking, Math Mode, MultiPAL, the self-test feature, and abbreviations for speaker identifiers, reader orientations, and other transcriber comments. (Note that when using the Everywhere features integrated into TypeWell Transcriber, the transcribing abbreviations and MultiPAL are enabled while typing in other programs; however, linking, Math Mode, and self-test are only available in the Transcriber window.)

I still need Everywhere for personal use, on a separate computer from my transcribing computer. How do I order a standalone TypeWell Everywhere license?

Sign in to your personal TypeWell transcriber account to add a new license. See: How do I purchase a new license?

Can I use the standalone Everywhere program for post-production work?

In the transcribing and captioning industry, "post-production" refers to creating transcripts (usually verbatim) from audio and video files, and/or adding captions to videos and other forms of media. TypeWell transcribers often use the Everywhere program to create transcripts from recorded audio files.

If you are doing post-production work for profit, that is a commercial/business use. For this and any other type of commercial/business use of the TypeWell software, please license a copy of the Transcriber software.

Under what circumstances may I use Everywhere for real-time communication access?

The integrated version of Everywhere (i.e. the Everywhere feature built into the Transcriber program) may be used to provide real-time communication access only when the consumer is using a meeting platform that does not support linking with TypeWell Transcriber. Examples might include Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, Google+ Hangouts, WebEx, GoToMeeting, or similar virtual meeting platforms.

There are several factors to consider when using Everywhere within a virtual meeting platform, such as:

  • whether the virtual meeting platform has a built-in captioning window,
  • whether you need to save and edit a complete transcript after the event is over, and
  • whether the transcriber needs to be able to use Math Mode.

Again, transcribers should use the integrated version of Transcriber/Everywhere for these types of assignments, NOT the standalone Everywhere program.

We may be able to assist you with finding a technology solution or software integration (e.g. StreamText linking) that could provide both the transcriber and consumer with a more seamless experience. Please let us know which platform you're using so we can help you find the best solution!

Will there be TypeWell Everywhere for Mac?

No, TypeWell does not have plans to release a version of Everywhere for the Mac OS. The Mac Everywhere program that we previously developed has been discontinued, with the release of the Mavericks OS and all subsequent Mac OS versions. Mac Everywhere is no longer offered.

Will there be a TypeWell Transcriber program for Mac?

No, we do not have plans to release a version of TypeWell Transcriber for the Mac OS. TypeWell's classroom software programs (i.e. Transcriber and Reader) only run on Windows. Mac users can install and use these programs by running Windows on their Mac, through Parallels or Bootcamp.

What are the limitations with the now-discontinued Mac Everywhere?

There was a known problem that occurred with Mac Everywhere where it lost track of what had been typed, and the semicolon quick-correct key highlighted back an extra space, which would interfere with the next expansion. The solution was to click the mouse to reset the text caret, which resets TypeWell’s tracking.

Mac Everywhere is currently not supported on the Mavericks OS and later versions of the Mac OS. Users have reported that installing Mac Everywhere now causes the system to shut down repeatedly. The only solution is to boot up in Safe Mode and uninstall Mac Everywhere.

My employer wants me to use TypeWell Everywhere and use screen sharing so the consumer can "see" what I'm typing.

Screen sharing is NOT a best practice, because it does not allow a consumer to interact with and control the transcript display. Unlike screen sharing, the linking methods that are built into the TypeWell Transcriber software allow a consumer to interact with the live transcript by scrolling, adjusting the display (font size, font face, and colors), copying/pasting, and more.

Using TypeWell Everywhere to provide real-time communication access—in cases where TypeWell Transcriber could be used instead—is strictly prohibited!

Jun 13, 2023

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