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Everywhere FAQ

NOTE:  TypeWell Everywhere is integrated into the TypeWell Transcriber program.  If you have a V7 or V8 Transcriber license, you'll have access to both programs' features on a Windows computer without needing to install anything separately.

What is TypeWell Everywhere?

TypeWell Everywhere is a feature integrated into TypeWell Transcriber software.  This feature allows trained transcribers to use TypeWell's text expansion capabilities in other Windows applications like email clients, web browsers, and word processors.

Who Can Use TypeWell Everywhere?

TypeWell Everywhere is accessible to individuals who are either currently enrolled in, or have completed, the Basic Skills Course or Refresher Course.  Use by untrained individuals is a violation of our End-User License Agreement (EULA).

How Does TypeWell Everywhere Differ from TypeWell Transcriber?

TypeWell Transcriber is engineered for real-time transcription services, including specialized features like Math Mode and various methods for streaming live text to one or more reader devices.  TypeWell Everywhere, on the other hand, allows for text expansion in programs like email and word processors but lacks the real-time communication features.

Is There a Standalone Version of Everywhere?

Yes, a standalone license is available for transcribers who require the Everywhere functionality on a secondary computer that doesn't have the Transcriber program installed.  You can add a new standalone license through your personal TypeWell transcriber account.  For more information, see TypeWell Everywhere Pricing and How to use the standalone version.

Is the Standalone Version Suitable for Regular Transcription Work?

No, the standalone version is intended for personal and non-commercial use only.  Using it to provide paid services or to monetize transcripts in any form is a violation of our End-User License Agreement (EULA).  These types of work are considered commercial use, for which you should license a copy of the TypeWell Transcriber software.

Can I Use Everywhere for Post-Production Work?

Yes, you can use it for post-production tasks like generating transcripts from audio or video files.  However, if these post-production transcripts will be monetized (e.g. used as part of a paid service or to generate income for yourself), then that is considered is a commercial/business use, for which you should license a copy of the TypeWell Transcriber software.

When Can Everywhere be Used for Real-Time Communication Access?

Use of Everywhere for real-time transcription is permitted only when the reader's platform cannot link with the TypeWell Transcriber program, such as in some virtual meeting platforms.  (Examples might include Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx, GoToMeeting, SignGlasses, etc.)

In such cases, you must still use the integrated version, not the standalone one.  If you need help choosing the right technology or software, reach out for guidance on finding the most seamless experience for both transcriber and consumer.

Will TypeWell Everywhere be Available for Mac?

We have no plans to release a Mac version of TypeWell Everywhere or TypeWell Transcriber.  Existing Mac users can run these programs in Windows via Parallels or Bootcamp.

Why is Screen Sharing Not Recommended for Real-Time Transcription?

Screen sharing is not advised as it doesn't allow the reader to control their view of the transcript by adjusting the display (font size, font face, and colors) for their own visual accessibility.  It also doesn't allow the reader to interact with the live transcript by scrolling, searching, copying/pasting, etc.  The linking methods integrated into the Transcriber software offer a better user experience.

How Do I Order a Standalone License for TypeWell Everywhere, for my personal use?

Sign in to your personal TypeWell transcriber account to add a new license.  See: How do I purchase a new license?

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