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V8 Transcriber Software Licenses - Prices and Features

  • This Windows-based software may only be licensed by qualified TypeWell transcribers (who have completed the Basic Skills Course) or their employers.
  • Enjoy unlimited use of our native streaming text platform at no extra charge.
  • 15% discount for qualifying academic institutions and non-profit organizations ❤
What's Included in Your License Subscription Basic Version* Premium Version
V8 Transcriber License
A license can be activated on one machine at a time and can be transferred up to 2 times per year.
1 1
TypeWell Everywhere features included
Boost your typing speed in every program.
V8 Reader licenses for one or more reader devices (when needed)
Free Upgrades
Free Email & Phone Technical Support
Basic Linking Methods
Premium Linking Methods
Web Linking (streaming text, WiFi required) & Internal Linking (for when WiFi isn't available)
Unlimited Web Linking
Stream your live transcript to any web-enabled device
Subscription Price
Save over 26% with annual pricing.

* Due to lack of hardware support for Basic Linking protocols in newer Windows laptops, Basic subscriptions are being phased out (and will remain available for existing Basic subscribers only).

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