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Internal Linking (Premium feature)

Link to any computer or mobile device that's physically near the transcriber.

Internal Linking is similar to Web Linking in that it uses the built-in Web browser on the reader's device. The reader doesn't need to install any special software.

Unlike Web Linking, Internal Linking works even without an Internet connection because the server resides on the transcriber's computer.

The difference between web linking and internal linking:  Web linking uses internet and Wi-Fi to connect the transcriber and user. Internal linking uses a Virtual Access Point on the transcriber's laptop to connect the transcriber and user.
Readers can view the transcript on any device with a Web browser. The device displays text from the transcriber's Internal Server.

Internal Linking works by turning the transcriber computer into a "hotspot" (a WiFi access point). Other devices in the area can then connect to that access point, open a web browser to a unique URL, and see what the transcriber types.

The Internal Linking feature is available with a V7 or V8 Premium Transcriber subscription. This feature will work computers with Windows 10 or higher that have a compatible WiFi card and WiFi driver.

Linking just got easier!

Get all the convenience of Web Linking, even without the Web. To use the Internal Linking feature, users need to install the special Internal Server program which runs in the background. Setting up the Internal Server for the first time does require admin privileges and some configuration.

For detailed instructions: Internal Linking - Installation

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