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What is a TypeWell account?

A TypeWell account identifies an individual, organization, company, or institution as eligible to access a wide range of TypeWell services including training, software licenses, technical support, and other resources. Sign in to access these services in your account.

Account Security

Access to your TypeWell account is password protected. We provide the password only to the account manager's official email address. Once you receive your account password from us, please keep it in a safe, convenient location. You can keep the password secret, or you can share it with another person whom you direct to manage your TypeWell account. For security purposes, the password, and any changes you make to it will be sent only to your official email address.

Retrieving Your Account Password

If you forget your account password, you can retrieve it by clicking the "Forgot password?" link on the TypeWell sign-in page. If you no longer have access to your the email account associated with your TypeWell account, please contact us so we can manually update your account email address.

Account Types

Training Account

When a candidate applies for the TypeWell Basic Skills Course, he or she will set up a free training account. This account tracks the candidate's progress during the application process. If the candidate is accepted into the course, the TypeWell account is used to download the training software, and to track the candidate's progress while completing the distance learning lessons.

Transcriber Account

Once a transcriber completes the Basic Skills Course, his or her TypeWell account maintains a record of training history. The transcriber can access continuing education opportunities through the TypeWell account, as well as purchase and manage software licenses.

License Account

Some TypeWell accounts are created solely for the purpose of managing software licenses. Your account lists all the licenses you've purchased and the status of each license.

For example, a school may purchase software licenses to be installed on school laptops which are used by qualified TypeWell transcribers to provide services for the supported students. In this case, the school will select an account manager to manage the software licenses. The school's license account is completely separate from the transcribers' accounts, even though the transcribers will use the school or agency's software to provide transcribing services.

Please contact us with any questions you have about your TypeWell account.

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