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Choosing an account manager

This article explains how to choose an account manager who can sign in to the TypeWell web site to manage your software licenses.

Who can use TypeWell software?

TypeWell transcribing software can be used only by individuals who have successfully completed our TypeWell transcribing course.

Who can license TypeWell software?

The TypeWell software can be licensed/managed by:

  • A trained transcriber, and/or
  • An employer of a trained transcriber

The purchase of a TypeWell software license conveys the right for a transcriber who has graduated from the TypeWell transcribing course to use a particular version of TypeWell (see the license agreement for conditions). The copy of the software that goes with that license may be installed on only one computer at a time.

If you are an independent contractor (a freelance transcriber), then you will manage your own software license by logging in to your transcriber account.

If you are a school or agency with one or more software licenses, then you need to identify the one person at your site who would be the logical person to manage the license(s).

The usual choices for an account manager at an educational institution are either:

  • the head of the disability support department, OR
  • the coordinator of services for deaf students, OR
  • the lead TypeWell transcriber at your site, OR
  • the disability support department's tech person.

An example of a poor choice for account manager would be a district- or campus-wide tech person. Your account manager need not be a tech person and should be someone you can reach quickly when you have the need to.

When you purchase one or more TypeWell software licenses for a school or company, we will ask you to provide us with the name and email address of the account manager. If the account manager is no longer at your site, or if you're not sure who is listed in your account, just contact us and we'll be happy to update your account.

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