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Web Linking - Troubleshooting

If you are new to Web Linking, please see the following articles:
  How to use Web Linking
  Managing Web Linking channels
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  Teaming (more than one transcriber)
  How to team with Web Linking

The following tips can help you troubleshoot some common issues related to Web Linking.

When I try to create a new Web Linking channel, TypeWell displays the message "invalid channel" in the top window.

The Bitdefender Antivirus program is known to block some of the network traffic on your computer, interfering with the communication between the TypeWell program on your computer and the TypeWell web server.

Try temporarily disabling the Virus Shield in your Bitdefender Antivirus program. You should then be able to create a new Web Linking channel in TypeWell. Then turn the Virus Shield back on.

When I try to create a new Web Linking channel, the status bar in TypeWell just flashes "Searching" indefinitely.

If you're on a campus network, this may be due to some kind of packet interpreting by the security system (e.g. Cisco's network security firewall).

Try connecting the TypeWell computer to your home network or some other non-campus internet connection. If you're able to create a channel there, but you're *not* able to create a channel when you are on campus, then please email us so we can help you troubleshoot this with your campus network administrator.

I'm connected to a Web Linking channel and I'm not typing, but there are words appearing in the browser page for that channel. --OR-- It seems another transcriber is typing into my channel!

If two transcribers are simultaneously connected to the same Web Linking channel, the status bar in the lower right-hand corner of the TypeWell Premium Transcriber window should display "T2." The only way for another transcriber to gain access to your Web Linking channel is by adding that channel to their TypeWell program, using the teaming name.

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