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Internal Linking

Internal Linking works by turning the transcriber's laptop into a WiFi Access Point. Other devices in the area can then connect to that Virtual Access Point and see the real-time transcript.

Internal Linking establishes a connection between TypeWell Transcriber and a special program running on the same computer (called the Internal Server). The Internal Server program runs silently in the background on the transcriber's computer, even when the TypeWell Transcriber software is not running.

Key Features of Internal Linking

  • You can use Internal Linking to link to any computer or mobile device that is physically near the transcriber's laptop.
  • Internal Linking is similar to Web Linking in that it uses the built-in Web browser on the reader's device. The reader doesn't need to install any special software.
  • Unlike Web Linking, Internal Linking works even without an Internet connection, because the server resides on the transcriber's machine.

How does Internal Linking compare to Web Linking?

Both are included in V8 Premium Transcriber. Web Linking requires an internet connection, whereas Internal Linking does not.

The Web Reader page looks exactly the same, so the user's experience is almost identical. The primary differences are that the reader will connect their WiFi to the transcriber's laptop instead of the campus network, and type an all-numeric URL into their address bar instead of an alphabetic URL.

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