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How to "clear" the transcript when using Internal or Web Linking

This article explains how to "clear the channel" of text when using Web Linking or Internal Linking.

First, what is a channel?

channel is a unique connection or "link" to a TypeWell server. A channel can only be created within the Premium Transcriber software program on a transcriber's computer. Think of it as a private two-way channel of communication between the TypeWell program on the transcriber's computer and one of the Web Linking servers (on the East or West Coast) or the Internal Server (on the transcriber's computer).

When linked to a channel, the typing from the transcriber's computer is sent to the server, where it can then be viewed in a Web browser at a unique URL (web address). When a viewer sends a chat from the browser page, the transcriber can see the chat in her TypeWell program.

With Web Linking, the channel ID is a random string of 8 letters, designed to be relatively unguessable. When viewing a Web Reader page online, the channel ID is shown at the end of the URL.

Web Linking URL with eight-letter channel ID underlined

[Caption: A Web Reader page has the URL The letters after the backslash are highlighted. A callout box says, "This string of 8 letters is the channel ID."]

With Internal Linking, the channel ID is actually a numeric URL that is unique to the transcriber's computer, and it usually does not change.

Internal Linking URL with 10 digit numeric ID underlined

[Caption: A Web Reader page has the URL A callout box says, "This is an example of an Internal Linking URL. It will always be numeric."]

What happens to all the text sent over the channel?

The Web Linking and Internal Servers are all programmed to temporarily store the most recent typing in each channel. This will prevent the transcript text from getting "lost" if there's a momentary drop in the network connection, or if the Transcriber needs to unlink and relink. Because of this temporary cache, the entire session's text will continue display even after you refresh (reload) the page in your Web browser.

After an hour or two of inactivity, the server retires the text from the channel, so that the webpage appears "clear" the next time it is viewed.

TIP: We suggest using a different channel for each student/client, each reader device, or each class. This will help prevent students/clients from accidentally seeing transcripts of events that are not their own.

Up to 32 channels can be saved in the transcriber's Web Linking settings.

How (and why) do I clear the stored text from a channel?

Sometimes a transcriber needs to use the same channel for back-to-back events (e.g. if the transcriber works for the same student in back-to-back classes). In that case, it's necessary to "clear" the text from the channel in between events, so the transcript from the previous event won't still be visible to the reader.
To manually clear the transcript from a channel when using Web Linking or Internal Linking:

  • Remember to save the previous transcript first, if necessary.
  • In the Premium Transcriber program, keep linking turned ON.
  • Click File > New.

The text that was temporarily stored in the channel has now been cleared, meaning it will also disappear from the webpage.

NOTE: It is not possible to manually "clear" the channel from the Web browser side. This can only be done from within the TypeWell Premium Transcriber program.

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