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How to disable Chat on the TypeWell Web Reader page

To disable the "Message Transcriber" field on the Web Reader page, you can add the following "no chat" parameter to the end of the Web Linking URL that you share with your reader(s):  ?nc

Example of regular URL format with chat box

Web Reader URL with ?nc appended to the end, which removes the chat feature

Why use this feature?

It's common to provide readers with a link to view your live transcript in a TypeWell Web Reader page. (Web Linking is a free streaming text service included with V8 Premium Transcriber and V8 Connect). In certain settings, however, you may not want readers to be able to send messages to the transcriber directly from the chat box on that page.

For example, you might be transcribing a Zoom webinar where the host is asking participants to "type answers into the Chat." While it's clear that the host intends for participants to type directly into the Zoom chat box, those participants who are accessing the live transcript in the Web Reader page might inadvertently type their answers into the Web Reader message box.

NOTE:  If you've already provided your reader with a normal URL, the only way to make the message box disappear is to ask them to reload their page with the ?nc parameter at the end of the URL. So, in the case of a Zoom meeting or webinar with many participants, it's best to share this ?nc URL from the very start. If someone has already loaded the regular URL (without the ?nc at the end), or if someone simply deletes the ?nc from the URL in their address bar, there is not a way to force the message box to disappear.

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