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How can I find a TypeWell transcriber?

There are four basic pathways to hiring qualified a TypeWell transcriber:

  • Recruit, hire, and train a new transcriber
  • Ask TypeWell to recruit and train a new transcriber for you, through the train-to-hire program
  • Hire an already-trained transcriber
  • Contract with an independent service provider (a freelance transcriber or a company/agency that provides qualified transcribers who have already graduated from the TypeWell course)

Despite the initial expenses, hiring your own transcriber is usually the most cost effective route. If you’re hiring new transcribers, we’ll help you find capable candidates to complete our online training.

However, if you have fewer than 2 hours of transcribing services a week, or if you prefer not to hire your own transcribers, then you can contract with an outside party for hourly on-site or remote services.

Please contact us for our price sheet for hourly services as well as post-production (i.e. media captioning) services!

We can post your open job position to our TypeWell Job Board for a $10 fee. Fill out this form to get started! (Need help drafting your job post? Here's a sample job description to get you started.)

We are also happy to search our internal database and connect you with qualified freelancers or agencies in your area.

Finally, our professional association maintains a Directory of qualified providers on its website:
Association of Transcribers and Speech-to-text Providers

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