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Recovering a Lost Transcript

We know, it happens. Sometimes technology lets us down or people make mistakes.

If your computer or TypeWell Transcriber program "crashes," your transcript is usually auto-saved so that when you reopen the TypeWell Transcriber program, the transcript reopens automatically and you can resume transcribing.

If for some reason you lost a transcript — for example, by closing the program and clicking "No" when prompted to save the file — we can usually recover your transcript from the log files stored on your computer.

There is a $25 fee to recover a lost transcript.

To request a transcript recovery, please contact us by sending an email directly to Include the following information:

  • Date and time that the class or meeting started
  • Header information that you might have typed at the start of the transcript
  • Attach the log files from the TypeWell Transcriber program (instructions below)

The TypeWell Transcriber program only stores a temporary log of what you typed. Therefore, the log files must be generated as soon as possible after the transcript was typed.

Click File > Log Files to > Desktop.

The program will immediately save one or more files onto your desktop and should display a confirmation message similar to this:

Log file on desktop

NOTE: There might be more than 1 log file. They will be numbered sequentially, ending in 1.log, 2.log, 3.log, etc.

Find ALL of those log file(s) that are saved on your desktop, and attach or upload them to the email you send us, along with the other information listed above.

We'll invoice you for payment and then recover your transcript as soon as possible, hopefully within just a couple of hours!

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