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Quality Assurance Measures

A primary goal of TypeWell is the provision of high-quality communication access and transcripts for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Toward this end, we've established the following policies about the use of TypeWell software.

Software Use and Training:
  • Only graduates from authorized TypeWell transcribing courses can use the software in professional settings. This is a provision of the software End-User License Agreement. Violations of this will result in license removal and potential censure.
  • Be sure to request an official TypeWell training record for potential transcriber hires. You should receive this via email (i.e. a live link emailed directly to you from TypeWell). We will be able to confirm for you whether a candidate has indeed passed the transcribing course, and with what grade.
  • Transcribers are not authorized to train others on the software, nor to allow any untrained person to use the TypeWell software in any instance. Breaching this will lead to license revocation and a breach of the TypeWell Code of Ethics.
Quality Monitoring:
  • We promote both self-monitoring by transcribers and external monitoring by service coordinators.
  • Feedback from consumers is essential. However, some deaf readers may not identify omitted or misinterpreted content, making objective measures crucial.
Policy Enforcement:
  • Licenses are typically issued to sites per qualified transcriber. During renewal or purchase, we may ask for transcriber names and verify their service provision at your site.
  • These checks underscore our commitment to quality. By confirming qualified users, we ensure that clients receive the standard of service they deserve.
  • License management ensures one license per machine. For further details, read about software license keys.
Objective Quality Measures:
  • TypeWell Skill Assessment: Transcribers transcribe an audio lecture for evaluation.
  • TypeWell Self-Test: Transcribers should routinely use this built-in software feature to gauge their efficiency.
  • Transcript Analysis Checklist and Goal/Strategy Page: Used to identify and improve transcribing skills.
  • Audio Recordings: Helpful for new transcribers in the initial weeks after training for retrospective analysis of their performance. Recordings should only be used as a learning tool, as they do not replace real-time access.
Continuing Education:

Topics from the Basic Skills Course should be reinforced with advanced training. We advocate for additional education on professionalism, Deaf issues, and site-specific policies.

TypeWell offers varied opportunities for skill enhancement, including:

NOTE: A TypeWell transcriber who has not transcribed regularly for longer than 1 year should undergo a Refresher Screening before resuming services.

Your Organization's Specific Policies

In order to run a high-quality service program, each organization, company, or institution should develop its own set of specific procedures to be followed by everyone involved in the service. See: Defining Your Service Policies.

Many site policies related to sign language interpreting services will also apply to transcribing services. However, there are a number of issues that relate solely to transcribing services, and care must be taken to develop policies appropriate to this specific service type. Site policies should be explicitly communicated in writing to the transcriber, instructors, students, parents (in pre-college settings) and all others involved in the service delivery.

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