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How to List Your TypeWell Training on LinkedIn

Note: This article focuses on listing your TypeWell education and qualifications; for guidance on how to list your TypeWell work experience, please refer to our companion article, How to List Your TypeWell Transcribing Experience on LinkedIn.


If you've completed the TypeWell Basic Skills Course, you can list this valuable training on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your specialized skills. LinkedIn serves as a platform for professional networking and showcasing your skills.

Here's how to properly and effectively include your TypeWell Training in the “Education” section.

Template Text for "Edit Education" on LinkedIn:

School: TypeWell

Degree: Service Qualification in Basic Transcribing

Field of Study: Real-Time Speech-to-Text Transcription

Start Date: [Month and Year you started the course — usually 2-3 months before you completed it]

End Date: [Month and Year you completed the course — can be found on your TypeWell Educational History page]

Grade: Not Applicable

Activities and Societies: Not Applicable

Description: Completed a rigorous 35-60 hour course comprising 29 lessons on real-time communication access. Gained expertise in providing high-quality transcription services using TypeWell software. Qualified to provide on-site or remote real-time communication access services at the Basic Skills Level.


Add skills such as "Real-Time Transcription," "Communication Access," "TypeWell Software," etc.


  • Do use "Service Qualification in Basic Transcribing" under Degree:  Since TypeWell doesn't offer a "certification" or a "degree," using "Service Qualification" clarifies the type of training received.
  • Do specify the Field of Study:  This is essential for recruiters or employers who are searching for specialized skills.
  • Do use the Description section:  Detail the course workload, what you learned, and any qualifications you earned.
  • Do include relevant skills:  This makes your profile searchable for specific skill sets.


  • Don't use terms like "Certified" or "Degree":  As TypeWell doesn't issue certifications or degrees, this could be misleading.
  • Don't list the course under Certifications:  While it's a significant training, it's not a professional certification.
  • Don't leave the Field of Study or Description blank:  These fields provide context and depth to your training.
  • Don't list incomplete courses:  Only list this course if you have completed it and are qualified to offer services.

How to List Continuing Education Courses

You have two options for listing your TypeWell continuing education courses on LinkedIn, and each has its own advantages. Choose the format that best fits your career goals and what you'd like to highlight.

Option 1: Lump Them In With Basic Training

If you want to keep your profile clean and focused, you may choose to list your continuing education courses under the same entry as your Basic Skills Course.

Template Text:

School: TypeWell

Degree: Basic Transcribing Course + Advanced Courses

Field of Study: Real-Time Speech-to-Text Transcription

Description: Completed the Basic Skills Course [list year] and further specialized in [list specialized courses here, like Math Mode, Turbo Course, etc.]. Received continuous feedback and training from expert teachers to refine my transcribing skills.

Option 2: List Them Separately

If you want to spotlight your specialized skills, consider listing each continuing education course as a separate entry under the "Education" section.

Template Text:

School: TypeWell

Degree: [Specialized Course Title, like 'Math Mode']

Field of Study: Real-Time Speech-to-Text Transcription

Description: This specialized course enabled me to [describe what skills or understanding the course gave you, like "transcribe complex mathematical equations effectively"].

Feel free to pick and choose between these options based on what you want your LinkedIn profile to communicate.

For more guidance on how to list your work experience as a transcriber, please refer to our article, How to List Your TypeWell Transcribe Experience on LinkedIn.

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