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How do I recruit a qualified transcriber in my area?

Here are a few ways to recruit an experienced TypeWell transcriber:

  1. Fill out our Job Board Request Form to post a link to your open position on TypeWell's Job Board. We charge a $10 fee for new posts, and an additional $5 fee to update an exisiting post.
  2. Post the job details on the Association of Transcribers & Speech-to-text Providers (ATSP) Job Board. ATSP is our non-profit professional association. In addition to the Job Board, they also maintain a searchable Directory of individual and organization members.
  3. Contact us for an informed referral. We have an internal database of TypeWell transcribers throughout the world (most of whom reside in the United States or Canada). While we will never sell or share this list, we can connect you with transcribers that we know are actively seeking work. We are also happy to forward your job details to transcribers in your area so they can respond if interested.
  4. Consider participating in our Train-to-Hire Program. We'll recruit and train a transcriber in your area, and you won't pay anything until they begin providing real-time speech-to-text services for you!

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