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Turbo Courselet payment and registration

Once a transcriber is eligible for the TypeWell courselet and initiates enrollment, they will be prompted to choose whether to 1) email their sponsor who will pay the courselet fee, or 2) pay for the courselet him/herself.

Here's how:

Six months after graduating from the Basic Skills Course, the transcriber's TypeWell account will automatically display a "Start" button under the "Courselets" tab. (This feature can be enabled early, if needed, at the request of the transcriber and/or their employer.)

screenshot of courselet page in transcriber's online account

Click the "Start" button to proceed with the courselet payment and registration.

screenshot of page titled

If the transcriber clicks "I Will Pay," then they will see instructions to pay by credit card. The "Pay Now" link will open a secure PayPal window.

screenshot of credit card payment page

Alternatively, if the transcriber enters a sponsor's email address, the following page will be displayed and the sponsor will receive an automated email from TypeWell with payment instructions.

screenshot of page titled

Once the courselet fee is paid, the transcriber (and the sponsor, if applicable) will receive an automated email confirmation with further instructions to begin the courselet.

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