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Learning & Enrichment Online (LEO) (starting at $10)

"LEO" is our online learning management system for continuing education courses, built on the award-winning TalentLMS platform.

Note that LEO courses are different from our more formal skill training courses, such as the Basic Skills Course and Turbo Courselet (which require special, downloadable, interactive software programs that are too complex to be licensed through the LEO platform). LEO courses are typically for already-trained transcribers who seek shorter continuing education opportunities as part of their ongoing professional development.

Two Types of Continuing Education in LEO

Short Courses - These are asynchronous online courses that individual professionals complete at their own pace. This format supports learners in building their individual competencies and technical skills. Learners choose their own start date and must complete the Short Course within 30 days.

Co-Op Classes - "Co-op" is short for "cooperative online learning" conducted in a co-synchronous e-learning environment. Professionals complete a scheduled 3- to 5-week course together\, using Web tools to gather information\, share resources\, discuss ideas\, and comment on each other’s contributions. This provides a rich\, collaborative learning experience under the guidance of one or more trained facilitators.

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