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Linking Overview

When computers or other devices are linked, the text typed by the TypeWell transcriber is sent immediately to the linked reader devices. Similarly, comments typed on the reader devices will be displayed to the transcriber. In some linking configurations, readers can see what the other readers type as well as what the transcriber types; in other configurations, the readers are not able to see one another's typing and can see only what the transcriber types.

TypeWell features a variety of methods to link a transcriber with one or more reader devices. To link via the internet, or to allow a reader to view the transcript in a web browser on their own mobile device (e.g. iPad or smartphone), the Premium version of TypeWell is required.

If you are unsure which TypeWell version you need, see What is the difference between Basic and Premium?

The master linking control

You must have two things turned ON for linking to work. First, the transcriber must enable the link method(s) they want to use for that session, so that a checkmark appears next to that entry on the Link menu of their TypeWell Transcriber program. For instance, to use Serial linking, the "By Serial..." entry must be checked on the Link menu.

To enable one or more types of linking, click the entry you want from the Link menu, which will open a dialog box. Then follow the on-screen instructions in the dialog box, as needed, to configure that linking feature.

List of options in the Linking menu. Note that

The TypeWell Link menu is expanded. Master linking is ON. All linking options are highlighted in red, and the option "By Web" is highlighted in blue. "By Web" is marked with a plus sign, indicating that it is enabled.

This second step is easy to miss! You must turn on the master linking control, which is another setting under the Link menu in the TypeWell Transcriber program. Make sure to select the top of the Link menu where it reads, "Linking On." This master linking control gives the transcriber a quick way to turn all linking on/off without having to adjust the individual configuration for each linking method.

Master linking turned ON in TypeWell Transcriber

The TypeWell Link menu is expanded. A red arrow points to the Master Linking control, which is highlighted in blue and turned ON.

The "Link" menu label will change to "Linked" once the transcriber has successfully connected using one or more linking method.

Link menu says Linked

The TypeWell Link menu, highlighted in red, now says "Linked." This indicates that TypeWell Transcriber has successfully linked to a reader.

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