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Here's why we don't recommend using StreamText to stream from TypeWell into Zoom

We do not recommend using StreamText to link TypeWell to Zoom.

Here's why:

  1. There is a very long delay with StreamText and Zoom (15-20 seconds or longer!), so the "subtitles" are very asynchronous which is potentially confusing for viewers.
  2. To our knowledge, StreamText does not support teaming (more than one transcriber).
  3. When streaming to Zoom, the StreamText Connector program does not support error corrections; so, any spelling or typing corrections that the transcribers make on-the-fly will not be reflected accurately in the subtitles. Typically, both the error AND the corrected text will be sent through, causing confusion for viewers.
  4. StreamText charges a per-minute fee to use this service.

Instead, we recommend either: