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Remote linking methods

Setting up Remote Services using TypeWell Web Linking

The simplest way to stream text from TypeWell is to use our Web Linking platform. The transcript is sent from the transcriber's computer to the TypeWell Web server. Readers then view the live transcript on a secure webpage using any standard Web browser. This has the advantage that the reader doesn't need to install special software; any Web browser will suffice.

Web Linking provides an excellent reading experience with the ability to display the transcript on devices such as iPads and smartphones. Readers can adjust the font and send a message to the transcriber.

TypeWell's Web Linking platform supports font formatting and special symbols and characters when the transcriber uses math mode.

Setting up Remote Services using Skype Linking

Another way to do remote linking is to install a copy of TypeWell Premium Reader on the reader's computer, and then use the Skype Linking feature to connect the transcriber to the reader. This also provides a good reader experience, by supporting the full set of TypeWell features including font formatting and math symbols.

NOTE:  Due to Skype's decision to remove its Desktop API after the end of 2013, we cannot guarantee that this method of linking will continue to work in TypeWell. See our blog post for more information. As of May 2015, it still seems to be working just fine!

Setting up Remote Services using a Simple Serial Connection (e.g. StreamText, 1CapApp)

StreamText and 1CapApp are examples of third-party streaming text platforms. Similar to TypeWell's Web Linking, the text is sent from the TypeWell Transcriber program to the third-party web server. Readers view the live transcript in a webpage provided on the third-party site.

As with Web Linking, no special software is required on the reader's device; any Web browser will suffice. However, the TypeWell transcriber must typically install an extra application, such as the StreamText's Connector or 1CapApp's 1Connect program.

NOTE: StreamText and 1CapApp require users to create an account and pay by the minute for their streaming text service. For more information, please visit their websites:

Some benefits and features provided by these alternative platforms include:

  • reader's ability to highlight text or type notes directly into the same webpage as the live transcript
  • integration with online meeting services such as Zoom, Adobe Connect Pro, Cisco WebEx, Blackboard, etc.
  • with StreamText, the StreamCast app can be used to overlay the captions during on-screen presentations, which is useful for conferences and other events

Are you connecting TypeWell with another third-party app or streaming text platform? Let us know so we can update this article!