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Turbo - Advanced Abbreviation Mode

TypeWell's Turbo abbreviations are designed for experienced transcribers who have already mastered the Classic abbreviation system and who have excellent chunking skills.

Turbo 1

Turbo 1 adds new long-word abbreviation rules to allow much shorter abbreviations: 4 keystrokes for abbreviation, 5 keystrokes for particularly and sesquipedalian. To master these advanced patterns, transcribers should take the Turbo Courselet, which provides interactive drills similar to those in the Basic Skills Course.

Turbo 2

Turbo 2 was released with V7 as an automatic extension of Turbo 1. Use new shortcuts for speaker identifiers, days of the week, months of the year, states and provinces, major cities, and proper names. Built-in transcriber comments have been expanded, along with special speaker identifiers like "Narrator:" and "Guest Speaker:"

To use Turbo 2, just enable Turbo mode in the TypeWell Transcriber V7 or V8 software.

Turbon menu in V7 Transcriber

With a single keystroke, toggle between Classic (F1) and Turbo (F2) modes.

For a full list of Turbo 2 abbreviations, see the Help documentation built into the TypeWell Transcriber software. Click Help > What's New...

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